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Mezzanotte Theme

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Mar 28 2019
Mine, too! - Sep 04 2019
Thanks, again! - Mar 28 2019
XFCE Dark Themes Volume II - Box Set

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Mar 08 2019
Yep, it's missing the cinnamon folder/files needed for Mint Cinnamon and only works in XFCE. It's also missing the gnome shell files if you wanted to use in Ubuntu. I do happen to have those files since I use and create most themes in Mint Cinnamon. If you still want to use the theme. Just let me know, I can send them to you or upload to google drive. Glad that you liked that theme! Sorry for the late reply. - Sep 04 2019
Which do you prefer? Zorin or Mint XFCE? I'm testing MX Linux (XFCE) this week, but still prefer Mint XFCE. These themes were all tested using Mint. Appreciate the feedback, I seldom get any. I'm hoping no news is good news. - Mar 22 2019
Thanks! - Mar 08 2019
Red-on-Black Theme

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Mar 15 2019
Belated thanks, sdmf! - Mar 29 2019
Aquatix Theme

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Feb 16 2019
Sorry, it's not exactly what you requested, but grateful that you liked this theme, WiseSalmon . - Mar 23 2019
As you know, Ubuntu 18.10 uses Yaru as the default theme which is also used for GDM. The Login theme is just a global gnome-shell theme. I installed "Loginized" , a Gnome GDM Login Theme Manager, and tried to load the required gresource file which surprisingly, my Aquatix theme has. (most of my themes don't). The program didn't like my gresource file for some reason. Somehow, after hacking into the Yaru files, I was able to make it work one time...until I rebooted. The login screen looked great and I even took a screenshot. The login button didn't look so great, the text was the same glowing color as the button. I need to edit the gnome-shell file. However, you shouldn't have to do this. I restored my system back to it's original configuration and installed and tried tried the other login manager, LightDM since Ubuntu 18.10 uses both. To switch between GDM and LightDM enter this in your terminal:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

The LighDM manager is highly customisable. If your theme has a gnome-shell theme, it can use of it. You can choose your BG images, placement of your login entry, and many other things. You can even import a profile pic. I couldn't take screenshots, however.

Another login manager you might want to try is SLiM. The project was abandoned six years ago, but it still seems to work fine.

I haven't created any login themes since Linux Mint 18 came out almost 2 years ago. They switched from the GDM to the LightDM manager and it just works, automatically using your theme colors.
- Mar 23 2019
What O.S. are you using, WiseSalmon? - Mar 22 2019
Sure. I'm willing to take a crack at it. Maybe...just maybe, I can have something done by Friday. - Mar 20 2019
Thanks! - Feb 13 2019
Much appreciated! - Feb 03 2019
Pacific-Blue Theme

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Mar 20 2019
Thanks! - Mar 21 2019
Thanks, again, sdmf. - Mar 21 2019
Score 83.2%
Mar 18 2019
+ - Mar 17 2019
Awesome! I noticed that when I resize windows on a dark page there is a little bit of a border on the right side of the cursor box. Should be a simple fix.
Do you plan on making a red version?
Keep up the good work! - Mar 17 2019
Some-Beach XFCE Theme

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Score 70.0%
Feb 24 2019
Thank you very much! - Feb 25 2019
Inverness Theme

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Jan 19 2019
Thanks! - Feb 19 2019
XFCE Dark Themes - Box Set

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Mar 23 2019
Хвала вам! - Feb 17 2019
Greetz Michael! Thanks for reporting, I believe that I have corrected this issue. Thanks for the upvote, too. - Feb 17 2019
Hey, thanks! - Feb 17 2019
AvionX Theme

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Feb 15 2019
Sorry for the inconvenience. Editing GTK2.0 didn't fix everything, but it helped. I was reworking the rest of the elements of the theme for consistency 2 days ago when Manjaro messed up my portable hard drive, it doesn't play well with Mint and Ubuntu. I've wasted 2 days trying to fix it. I had the cinnamon part of theme fixed and was working on GTK 3 when the crash happened and I lost everything. Cinnamon looked way better in a lighter shade of blue. This theme should be wrapped up by the weekend and I will soon be getting a new pc as this one's ten years old. - Feb 06 2019
I messed up. Change the background, foregound and "select" colors. - Feb 06 2019
XFCE is easy to edit. Swapping out the main 3 colors totally changes the theme.
You need a color picking program first, such as KcolorChooser, or you can use one online.
Next, using root, grab a theme in user/share/themes, make a copy and rename it.
Open the index file in the theme and change the name there, in order for the theme to be found by your theme manager.
Test to see if it loads.
Open up your GTK-2.0, then open up the gtkrc file with a text editor.
Change the background, foreground, and select the colors that you desire.
These are the 3 colors that are displayed by the theme manager.
Don't be afraid to change other colors in there. .
You can always edit your last change if you don't like it.
You need to close and reopen the theme manager to get the theme to compile.
After making a change, load another theme then load yours. to see the changes made.
Remember, backup your work frequently!
armageddon51 is correct. GTK3 adds the icing to the cake.
Some themes don't use it, but you can do more with the new coding.
The GTK-2 is used by many apps, such as GIMP and many of the music manager apps.
Good Luck! - Feb 06 2019
Fixed. I hope. It looks awesome in Manjaro XFCE. (The last screenshot) - Feb 04 2019
I know what you mean. It doesn't really work for me, either. The other thing I'm not pleased with is the menu slider bar. I couldn't get it to scroll over the top of the menu icons. If anyone know how to accomplish this, drop me a line. Thanks for your feedback, armageddon51 ! - Feb 03 2019
Thanks!!! - Jan 29 2019
Try removing the GTK 3.0 and gtk-assets folders. Worked for me. Posting a picture. Sometimes less is better. I ran it in Manjaro-Xfce. - Jan 27 2019
Any luck? I'll install Xfce on a stick and take a look at things as I've only tested on Ubuntu, Mint 19, and Cinnamon Manjaro. - Jan 27 2019
The theme is probably not installed properly, hery9900. Usually the problem is that the theme folder is nested inside another folder after decompressing. When installed correctly, there should be no version info after the name. Eggs are better if you remove the shell first. You got me talking about eggs again. - Jan 27 2019
Great idea! Stay tuned... - Jan 14 2019
I appreciate the positive feedback, foobaz. ! A lot of experimental things things that I tried didn't work as planned, but I can live with it. Guess you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. - Nov 02 2018
Krimson Theme

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Score 63.3%
Jan 30 2019
Agree, colors are close. You're right, Charlie. I'm an Ubuntu newb and had no idea about that theme. I recently ported it into Ubuntu after creating it for Mint. My grey color is a little bluer and better IMO. My original Crimson theme looked closer to it yet... - Jan 30 2019
Thanks! - Jan 24 2019
Blueberry-Camo Theme

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Jan 13 2019
Yep, the compressed icons were corrupt for some reason and have been compressed and uploaded again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for reporting freefreeno.
- Jan 15 2019
Thanks freefano. Checking into it. Sounds like permissions are messed up. You're right, shouldn't need root in downloads. Not sure how it happened. Will try to upload again. - Jan 14 2019
Desert-Camo Theme

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Mar 09 2019
Thanks! I'll add some instructions, galou.. - Jan 07 2019
Thanks, appreciate it. You might want to try my latest, too... - Nov 29 2018
Appreciate you. - Nov 23 2018
Thank you very much. - Nov 23 2018
Thanks, Theloniustech
- Nov 23 2018
Not sure how to fix my error filled comment. - Nov 23 2018
Perhaps I need to work on the description. thanks! This wasn't intended to be an icon thing. I'm not even sure what an icon theme is, but the them is showing up in icon themes. - Nov 23 2018
Score 83.2%
Mar 17 2019
Score 83.2%
9   Mar 17 2019