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Mauricio Adonis ViƱa del Mar, Chile

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by KuduK
Score 72.2%
Sep 12 2009
It is really beautiful, thank you so much. - Jul 06 2009
morpho icons

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Jul 31 2010
Just that... how I install? - Jul 06 2009
Polar Icons 2

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Sep 16 2009
No, I mean the folder that contains examples of documents, videos, sounds, you know... (is in the user directory) this folder looks like a sheet of paper... just a detail. - May 28 2009
Hi again, I noted the default folder "Examples" has not a particular icon. It appears simply like a sheet of paper. - May 28 2009
Never mind!... my english is worst.. ha ha - May 27 2009
Gran trabajo, sin duda es uno de los mejores grupos de iconos disponible para GNOME.
Gracias por crearlos y ofrecerlos a toda la comunidad. - May 27 2009