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Vacoas Падарытх Vacoas, Mauritius
KDE Desktop Cylinder

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sniper570 2 comments

Yo dude, hmm well there's nothing to install here. It was just screenshots of my desktop that I uploaded there and wanted to share. The ZIP file only contains these screenshots that's all. The desktop cylinder/cube can be activated in desktop effects found in system settings.

The widgets are all available and can be added to your desktop by right clicking on your desktop and select add widgets ;-) - Sep 14 2014
Sehzade ikon Tema (For Pardus)

Full Icon Themes by oghouz 1 comment

Beautiful icon theme :D

The firefox icon looks so cute!!! :-3 - Sep 13 2014
QML Animated wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by lumio 12 comments

Working here also on Kubuntu 14.04 albeit having low resolution & taking up high amount of RAM ;) - Sep 13 2014
Oct 20 2015
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