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Sean Rigney , United States of America
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GTK2 Themes 5 comments

by soA
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Dec 19 2009
what window selector are you using on your panel? - Dec 19 2009

GTK2 Themes 59 comments

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Sep 26 2010
Thanks for the help! - Apr 25 2009
Its just human. - Apr 24 2009
removing this causes a lot of pixmaps not to work - Jan 10 2009
I have heard that once before, and i dont kno what is wrong, the theme only uses pixmap... - Jan 10 2009
Sorry i tried getting rid of the shadow but had no success. - Dec 27 2008
Well I would like to see a comment that is original. It would not matter what my theme looked like, as long as it is a name that is associated with Windows I get people like you commenting like crazy. Obviously I do not support Windows or I would not be on "GNOME" And if you look at the theme it does not resemble Windows whatsoever. - Dec 23 2008
Sorry to take so long to respond but to answer your question, Aero only uses pixmap and maybe a little clearlooks engine i may have removed this though(if not clearlooks is pretty standard.) - Dec 19 2008
Thanks, I am glad you said that I almost did not change the panel. - Nov 02 2008
Thank you for the offer but I think I will just keep heading in the direction I am going now. But seriously though thanks, I am glad to see people nice enough to help and offer suggestions. But if you have anything in specific you think I should look at tell me and I'll take a look at it. !8-) - Nov 02 2008
Thank You very much! This is some of the greatest feedback I have had so far. I am glad to see that I am going in the right direction. - Nov 01 2008
Thank you, and the only engine it needs is clearlooks. I also have the font color problem. I just did not want to kill myself fixing it and then no one liking it in the end anyway. - Nov 01 2008
Well i thank you for being honest but i ask if you could tell me some specifics on what you do not like so i can see to it that it be improved. - Nov 01 2008
Thanks! It is always good to hear some positive feedback. But I am not sure if the name should be changed or not. I like how it sounds and it attracts attention. But if you have any ideas please let me know. - Sep 13 2008
Good idea I really had not thought about the bars colors. And I tried fixing the tabs but could not get it to work. This is strange because I have been able to this with other themes in the past. But do not worry I will figure it out. Thanks for the ideas!!! - Sep 07 2008
Oh! I get what you are saying. It was not the text but just the button design that was causing this. That should not be the case anymore though, I changed the toolbuttons. - Sep 07 2008
I am sorry fredbird, I am sure it can be done but I have no way of testing it. I created this theme using GNOME and I do not have Xfce. So sorry but thank you for taking a look at my theme and telling me of this problem. - Sep 07 2008
I get the toolbar and tabs but I am not sure I fully understand what you mean about the text. But thanks for the suggestions. - Sep 07 2008
I do not know what to tell you. On my computer the text is white, it is also white on the second screenshot. I am going to guess it is because you are using Xfce, and the panel text on that may be controlled by something else. - Sep 07 2008
Thanks I see what you mean tell me if the update to 0.2 helped to address this problem. - Sep 07 2008
Thanks for the comment. And yeah i know. The Only thing that really resembles aero at all are the buttons and scrollbar. I started out doing a version very similar to aero but did not really think it looked all that good on linux. So I ended up making this, and I just took a leap of faith. I hope after enough comments and suggestions that I can make a completely new theme from this. But we will see what happens. - Sep 06 2008

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Jan 24 2009
I would really like for you to send me the theme, thanks. - Jan 21 2009

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Aug 24 2008
Thanks for the advice I will see what I can do. Right now I am working on new pixmaps for the buttons, scrollbars, and tabs and I really want to upload it tonight, so I am limited on time. - Jul 28 2008
It is not the engine it is the theme...

I am not sure what has gone wrong but now the only way the theme will run properly is if the pixmaps are taken out. I am trying to fix this problem but if not done soon I will release the theme without pixmaps.

--- Note: The Metacity theme is still running properly --- - Jul 26 2008

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Aug 09 2008
I do not think that is pixelation. I am pretty sure that it is a rough terrain look. - Jul 27 2008
I like the background. The hills are sorta high for me, but still this is nice, especially the fog effect. - Jul 27 2008
Sketch: Rising sun theme

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

by ozco
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Jun 28 2008
this concept is great. using the background as part of it is good idea i hope it gets developed if so ill be sure try it out.

-----i had similar ideas with the folder setup menu and the window list not being in a bar but on the desktop-------------
---------------------------------------- - Jun 29 2008