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Lo Mango
Another Milk Theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by Mimile 3 comments

Wow, this is the best theme I ever saw on Have you seen my theme yet?
I tried to make one to match my gtk-2.0 theme but all the attempts were a failure.
Your one matches it well. - Jan 06 2007
OS-K icons

Full Icon Themes by simoo 155 comments

How do you get a semi-transparent wallpaper for Kicker. - Nov 07 2006
FutureTech BlackGreen v2

KDE 3 Color Schemes by microchip 2 comments

Where did you get that kicker wallpaper from? - Nov 06 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Kalna 3 comments

How do you get internet explorer on Linux! I do not understand, Bill Gates would never do that kind of thing for Linux ,or would he? - Nov 06 2006
Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by timothysaddress 55 comments

How do you make icons this good?
I've tried to make icons and
I've ended up with something that
doesn't make sense. - Oct 26 2006