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Justin Barrett justin

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 11 comments

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Nov 02 2005
That bar on the bottom of the screenshot. What is it? Is it kicker just made to look cool or a KDE application all by itself. I a see a lot of people with that at the bottom of their screens.

Thanks. - Nov 03 2005
Water Vapor

Metacity Themes 8 comments

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Sep 29 2005
I've been a fan of the Water Vapor GTK theme. Now I have something to make Metacity look nice too.

Maybe one day there'll be an icon set as well. - Sep 30 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Sep 28 2005
Having worked with SGI Indigo systems for three years at a University, these icons are dead on. However, I think few will find these icons pleasing, except us who remember those systems. - Sep 29 2005

Wallpapers Gnome 5 comments

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May 22 2005
Thanks - May 23 2005
Is there anyway to get this wallpaper without the text in the middle? Making it a little more distro neutral? - May 18 2005
20 KDEsktops!!!Well managed..

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Apr 10 2005
I was just wondering where you got the wallpaper from the first screenshot? - Apr 14 2005