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KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Jul 11 2004
Thats FvwmPager, a fvwm module in the bottom right. The iconified windows are handled by FvwmEvent with some fvwm config stuff written by Tavis Ormandy. idesk is doing the launcher icons. - Jul 12 2004
Its by Tetsuya Nomura. The girl is Rikku I think, from one of the Final Fantasies. The one I have is ffx10-1024.jpg. I got it 3 years ago from somewhere. - Jul 11 2004
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 282 comments

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Jan 08 2004
you might try playing with kdcop, there probably is a way - Apr 10 2003
SlickBar-Tweaked for Karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

by Gabi
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Apr 10 2003
Nice work!

I found the following modifications of the noatun version helpful:

CLICKAREA X=221 Y=17 W=4 H=4 onclick="dcop noatun Noatun stop" sensor=noatun format="%id"

CLICKAREA X=231 Y=17 W=4 H=4 onclick="dcop noatun Noatun playpause" sensor=noatun format="%id

CLICKAREA X=221 Y=6 W=4 H=4 onclick="dcop noatun Noatun back" sensor=noatun format="%id

CLICKAREA X=231 Y=6 W=4 H=4 onclick="dcop noatun Noatun forward" sensor=noatun format="%id

CLICKAREA X=163 Y=4 W=48 H=48 onclick="dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0"

The calls to noatun only work if you set the allow only one instance option on it. - Apr 10 2003
Elmo III Theme 0.6

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 14 comments

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Mar 17 2003
This looks nice, but where can I find the patch by Wolfgang R - Feb 10 2003

Noatun Skins 5 comments

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Jan 18 2003
Hi mETz, I liked you HexoBronx skin. I can't wait for equalizer support. How long will we have to wait for it after KDE 3.1. - Jan 19 2003

Noatun Skins 17 comments

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Mar 16 2003
This skin is pretty good, but kind of rough on the edges. I know those edges can be a pain in k-jofol.

Its so cool that we had two k-jofols on the front page at once. Keep up the good work! - Jan 18 2003
Default Blue Rei

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 17 2002
Rei looks alot better with your anti-aliasing, wish I had known how to do that when I made it. But I don't think she goes so well with the dark blue. - Nov 17 2002

Noatun Skins 7 comments

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Nov 12 2002
I keep my kimpeg in ~/.kde/share/apps/noatun/kjskins I hope this helps, but you might check your $KDEHOME since your kdeconfig stuff could be in ~/.kde3 or something else. - Nov 12 2002
Glad you like it! I just right click to get the pop-up then hit configure. - Nov 12 2002
Keramik Kicker Skin

Kicker Panel 10 comments

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Nov 08 2002
Check and see if the files made it to your ~/.kde/share/apps/kicker/ or perhaps it should be in ~/.kde3/... or similar. - Nov 09 2002
You can find branded acqua rei here: - Nov 09 2002
Default blue

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by siimp
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Oct 14 2002
I don't think this came with Mandrake 9.0. At least its not in /usr/share/wallpapers. - Oct 14 2002
sky's keramik gkrellm

Various Stuff 5 comments

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Oct 14 2002
I'll see what I can do. Perhaps a rotating crystal style envelope? - Oct 14 2002
glad you like it. I will upload to Muhri in the next few days, but I wanted to test it out here first. - Oct 14 2002 KDM pic

Various Stuff 6 comments

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Oct 06 2002
Can you tell me where you found that wallpaper in the screenshot? - Oct 11 2002
Branded Acqua Rei

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Oct 06 2002
LOL I certainly hope she is, since she was nude for about an hour in End of Evangelion.

Any new wallpapers I make will be in 1600x1200. - Oct 07 2002