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Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

Edit kubicationwidgetbase.ui and change:

<!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.3" stdsetdef="1">


<!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.2" stdsetdef="1">

Anyway, since i'm using only QT 3.3, it's the recommended version; but I think it should work fine with QT 3.2. - Aug 07 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

According to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary:

Ubication \U`bi*ca"tion\, Ubiety \U*bi"e*ty\, n. [NL. ubicatio,
ubietas, fr. L. ubi where.]
The quality or state of being in a place; local relation;
position or location; whereness. [R.] --Glanvill.

So, I think "Kubication" is a right name. - Aug 07 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

It's fixed in 0.1b, thanks for reporting. I updated the ebuild as well. - Aug 05 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

Sorry, I'm using KDE 3.3 beta2 and didn't realized that constructor isn't in KDE 3.2. I'll try to fix it before going bed. Thanks for reporting. - Aug 05 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

Yeah, you're right. Bringing down the other interfaces before is safer. I will change it in the next version. It will be released this night or tomorrow (CEST). - Aug 04 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

Coincidences doesn't exist. I have this idea rounding my mind some time ago. In fact, I started writing Kubication before noticing the existence of netGo. First time I saw your app, I though there had somethings I liked and others I disliked. For example, I liked the UI; but I disliked the way it stores data, the way it hanleds process (always run as root using su or kdesu), and something more.So, I decided to speed up the development of Kubication and made the application I wanted. I had designed the UI using only an ugly big window and, as I liked yours, redesigned it following your concepts.As for other similarities, I don't see anymore and IMHO there are lots of differences:
Kubication uses the standard ./configure; make; make install building process while netGo uses a Makefile generated by qmake, which doesn't permit almost any customization (in fact I need to edit your Makefile to avoid an internal compiler error)
Kubication uses KConfig for storing data in the _user_ settings, netGo uses a plaintext file for storing the settings _globally_ in a non-standard directory.
Kubication supports dhcpcd, dhclient and pump while netGo only supports the first two.
Kubication supports both wireless extensions and linux-wlan-ng while netGo only supports the first.
Kubication has support for changing the SMTP, netGo doesn't.
Kubication executes commands as root only when necessary and netGo runs always as root.
Kubication uses kdelibs and qt while netGo is a pure qt app.
Kubication has systray support, netGo hasn't.
Kubication lets the user enter any interface, netGo parses /proc/net/dev and shows the available interfaces. In that way, it doesn't permit the user to configure profiles with removable interfaces that are not present.
Kubication can bring down other interfaces, netGo can't.
There are at least 10 differences versus 1 similarity. Of course, I'm talking about the last releases, I haven't mentioned any of the features that are only in my repository nor haven't looked to yours. About if Kubication is a clone of netGo, I think no. They are apps which do the same thing, both are behind the same idea; but they do things in very different ways. Think in Konqueror and Mozilla, both are web browsers, both had tabs, both support fs and ftp browsing, etc... but nobody says one is a clone of the other.In short, all I can say is go on writing netGo, I will go on writing Kubications and we'll let the user choose :). Freedom of choice is one of the Open Source Software benefits, it isn't?. - Aug 02 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

I use ifconfig, route and iwconfig or wlanctl-ng (depending on the wireless driver, which is detected in runtime). For becoming root, I use the KDEsuClient class (contained in kdebase). So every distro is supported. As for Gentoo, I use it too and I wrote an ebuild. Now it's available here for download. - Aug 02 2004

Network by Skyhusker 19 comments

I have changed the description, thanks for the feedback. I took the name from Panther's Ubication Selector (which is built-in), so I called it Kubication and called the profiles ubications. But you're right, 'profiles' is easier to understand.

Regards - Aug 02 2004

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

Really nice app. Only a comment: using a preloaded daemon and a DCOP signal or something similar would be faster.
- Jul 15 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Nikkos 4 comments

it looks like really noice. Can't wait till you publish it - Jun 30 2003
KindaLiquid Karamba Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by GeniusR13 4 comments

This theme is not a taskbar, but looks really nice. Nice mldonkey icon too, where can i find it? - May 17 2003
News Panel

Karamba & Superkaramba by Skyhusker 9 comments

I think you haven't read README. You should do that, it explains news_panel usage :) - May 09 2003
Karamba RetroNet news

Karamba & Superkaramba by RetroMan 1 comment

The file isn't a gzipped tarball, it only contains text. - Apr 30 2003