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Hello can someone say me if this currently work with kde 4.5? I have compiled it and installed it under the right prefix (/usr). But konqueror doesn't shows me the plugin in the configuration (in the area where I can search for Plugins and the Plugins are listed..). In the Plugin Area of konqurer is the kio_typo3 plugin not listed. I have already tried to add the location "/usr" to the search options for Plugins.

When I enter the Uri for connecting I can't see any working output. It takes a long time and after a while I see an error Message. It seams like that the Protocol "typo3://" is registered and that he does something but he gets an error.

I have also the Typo3 Plugin which is needed for this filesystem plugin installed.

Knows someone about an alternative? The idea is realy great! I would hope someone will further the develop...

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