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Plasma 4 Extensions by 8siem 6 comments

Publish your idea even on KDE Brainstorm for much more visibility. - Jan 19 2011
Is it this the project you are talking about? (even if the author seems to be different from the one you told me) - Sep 30 2010
Ok. You all are doing a great job! Thanks again! - Sep 25 2010
Thanks for the answers! Where can I find more info about the other project? I'd like to stay up to date with the progress. - Sep 24 2010
If I use this (fantastic) theme, I should uninstall integration package. So I can't use KDE Dialog inside OpenOffice. Is there some way to fix this? By the way, is this theme still under development or is it dead? (I don't want to be polemical, I'm just asking). Thank for the effort! - Sep 22 2010
sleepy (shutdown script)

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by tmske

Jun 21 2011

Dolphin Service Menus
by DaHoC

Jul 10 2010
9   Sep 22 2010