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Romain COUILLET Antibes, France

System Software by Sho 1026 comments


First of all, I've been using Yakuake for quite a while now... that's one of my favourite apps! Thank you for that!! Great work!

Small issue on the 2.9-beta1 (using KDE4): under interactive apps like vim/less etc, scrolling with page up/down, arrow down is ok but arrow up duplicates the top line and it then goes crazy... can you work this out?

Thank you in advance!

- Romain.
Debian Lenny - KDE4 - Feb 16 2008

Utilities by phfaist 25 comments

It took me some time to figure out why KLatexFormula didn't work for me.
Actually, TEXINPUTS was corrupted by a few lines in the `klfbackend.cpp' file.

I commented them so that now the temp document need to start with \documentclass{/usr/share/apps/klatexformula/klatexformula} instead of \documentclass{klatexformula}

Can you make sure this problem will be solved in future versions?

Btw, this is an awesome app; i love it... do you think you could talk to the Kile guys so to integrate it in Kile (say, I select a formula, click-right, klatexformula plug-in and hop! my formula gets popped up in a corner of the screen...). Kile is lacking this feature that does exist in XEmacs with auctex libraries...

What do you think? - Sep 13 2007

Utilities by phfaist 25 comments

Well, doesn't really help... I commented it, I even gave the whole path... seems to go through... but then comes the same issue for 'color.sty'... I tried to update this one too, and then 'font12.clo' or something of the like is missing...

That's a Path issue for sure... but i dunno ho to help it...

I also tried the ugly:

TEXINPUTS=/usr/local/texlive/2005/texmf-dist/tex/latex,/usr/local/texlive/2005/texmf-dist/tex/latex/graphics klatexformula

but it stops at:

Document Class: klatexformula 2005/02/23 v1.0 Philippe's special Latex document
class for KLatexFormula

! Package color Error: No driver specified.
- May 04 2007

Utilities by phfaist 25 comments

Same problem here...
I use TexLive libs instead of Debian usual packages... dunno if it might be a reason.

`geometry.sty' is located in:

I tried to feed KLatexFormula with latex binary:

But doesn't help... - May 02 2007