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Kitten splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 15 comments

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Aug 07 2002
It just goes away too soon. ;) - Aug 07 2002
The Splendour of Egypt

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Aug 07 2002
Ok, here it is:

(KDE scales the image for you, though, so you could use this image just the same ...) - Aug 07 2002
I hope this is what you both meant. I'm afraid that the pyramid is now too plain looking though ... - Aug 07 2002
Sky & Water

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Aug 05 2002
I'm afraid this isn't PovRay -- it was a test whether Bryce works under WineX yet (it didn't a few months ago, but it does now). At this time, though, it doesn't appear 3D Studio Max works. I've yet to see how Maya behaves on Linux ... and in general. :D

As for a PNG, it doesn't seem to be much better than a JPEG (all those waves!). If you want, I can email you the image in a BMP/TIFF/TGA format (or alternatively, you could download a TGA from Beware, however; the file is rather large. - Aug 06 2002