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simon wiles
Ubuntu Lucid Parcellite icon

Icon Sub-Sets by RamseyG 9 comments

I can't work out where to put this in Maverick (had it working in Lucid no problems).

I've replaced every gtk-paste.svg in every theme I can find with this icon, and still I see the wrong icon in the "Notification Area" (the paste icon in my apps has changed, though!).

Does anyone know where Parcellite is reading the icon from under Maverick?

Thanks! - Oct 18 2010
Global Appearance

Various Gnome Stuff by clemmy 21 comments

likewise :( - Jun 04 2010
Pidgin Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rowancompsciguy 14 comments

how can I install this theme (these themes) ?

should I be able to drag and drop onto the themes list? - Jun 02 2010