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simon gaiteiro , Spain

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Mar 28 2020
What is the window decorator? - Apr 03 2020

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Jul 28 2013
Another issue I've found is in Empathy. Now all the contacts look huge. I mean, every contact icon is huge. - Jul 22 2010
Great icons!

I've found a little issue with screenlets. Firstable, I've changed its icon with the script and they work properly but when I try to open the main window (Applications>Accesories>Screenlets) it doesn't come up. It was because it wasn't able to find the default icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/screenlets.svg. The icon name had been changed for screenlets-backup.svg. So, I've removed the "backup" from the name and it worked again but the default screnlets icon was restored. Would you be able to you take a look at it? - Jul 22 2010

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Jan 19 2010
Interesting! Didn't know about that.
Wich cities work with this project? - Jun 14 2010

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Jul 01 2014
My bad... Freezings were caused by the temperature raising. Before changing the wallpaper the app uses a lot of CPU and sometimes the temperature was too much. It is running on a laptop...
It's a great app. It changes wallpapers smoothly (not like the KDE plugin).
Keep on with your work!!! - May 31 2010

I was using this plugin for several weeks with the new release of Kubuntu (10.04) and I have experimented that the OS freezes radomly and frequently. After disable it everything works fine. No freezings anymore.

I don't have further information about why that happened but I think it was because of this app.

I am using the version 2.3.2.

Anybody else has found this kind of issues? - May 20 2010
Titanium Bespin config

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May 31 2010
Thanks, now is working again!

I guessed the problem was not your theme but I was using it so that's why I asked in this post (even when it doesn't do anything with it).

I really apreciate your help!!! XD - Nov 23 2009
I was using this amazing theme for a couple of days and it works well. But when I start my computer now it says:

"The following installation problem was detected while trying to start KDE:
No write acces to '/home/my_name/.ICEauthority'.

KDE is unable to start."

So I can't use KDE. Everything was working fine until now. Any idea about how to fix it or how to set another theme through the console?

Thaks! - Nov 23 2009

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Mar 10 2010
I think I had it before upgrading GTK+. But now it looks fine.

By the way, do you know how to fix Firefox? It doesn't look good... Backgrounds are totaly black (in toolbars, bookmarks, tabs). - Oct 24 2009
Nevermind. I've upgraded it to GTK 2.18.3 and now it's ok.

Great theme!!! - Oct 23 2009

I love this theme and I would like to put it in my desktop but it doesn't show like it should :(
I give you an image and you'll see...

I don't know what happens...

Thanks for this theme and for the help!!! - Oct 23 2009
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Jun 27 2008
Where can I obtain my Location Code?

I was looking for but I didn't find anything. - Sep 12 2008

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Oct 12 2008
This theme is really beatiful!!!

Can you share the wallpapers? They are beautiful too, ;)

Thanks!!! - Sep 08 2008
Compiz Reflection Pack

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Jan 24 2011
Thanks!!! - Sep 07 2008
Do you use KDE?

Do you can use murrine as a KDE style???

I was trying to use a murrine theme as the KDE style but I didn't get it. Only works at GTK applications. - Sep 07 2008
deKorator Crystal Recurve

deKorator Themes 17 comments

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Jul 10 2006
Can I use it with KDE4? If yes, how? - Mar 17 2008
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Nov 26 2009

GTK2 Themes
by nale12

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Oct 23 2009

Wallpaper Other
by boomshop

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9   Nov 12 2011
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9   Jan 19 2011
bespin transparent

by yagami

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3   Oct 18 2010