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Logically NZ , New Zealand

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 2 comments

I love it. Just it...... - May 21 2008
Ubuntu Crystal Cursors

Cursors by xlcheese 4 comments

I like it. Fits in well with the ubuntu theme. - May 19 2008
Lindows XP panel

Various Gnome Stuff by dere 4 comments

I like it. - Apr 28 2008
Gnome panels bagrounds (WinXP like...)

Various Gnome Stuff by JustEX 1 comment

Just what I was looking for. Any chance of making some lighter panels? - Apr 28 2008

GTK2 Themes by RodrigoCR 19 comments

Well done. I like it a lot. Anyway of changing the panel from black to something else more friendly, I always think the panel is what lets thins down. Good work though. - Apr 25 2008