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Simone Tobia Pistoia, Italy
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TicTacToe From Hell

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May 30 2010
Hi, to compile you have to run this command for first:
lrelease *.ts

then as always:

Let me know if it works... Bye! - May 31 2010
TicTacToe From Hell Plasmoid

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May 06 2010
Ok, that is a 64bit compilation issue only. For that reason the PKGBUILD has i686 arch only.
In new version(3.3) it will be running also on x86_64.
However you can try the 32bit precompiled version but there is only a debian/ubuntu .deb. At last you can checkout the SVN repo at sourceforge and compile it by yourself.
Bye. - May 12 2010
Ok, with release 3.1.1, that bug should be fixed.

P.S.: In the next release (3.2) the AI will be improved for grids with winning sizes smaller than grid (for example 7x7 with winning size of 5).
Let me know what you think! - Apr 30 2010
Sorry for the bug, i'll fix it soon.
Thanks! - Apr 30 2010