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Karamba & Superkaramba 12 comments

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Feb 09 2005
As I remember, it should follow jour locale system settings (infact, in the images, it's showing Italian language, because thi is the setting of my system) - Dec 14 2005
Sorry for the time I take to answer...
mmm... did you deleted the brackets? You have to delete them! - Nov 04 2004
You only have to edit the skdata.theme file: there are instructions in the file itself.

It's important that you substitute the text [PATH-TO-THEME] with the path where you extracted the theme (i.e. ~/skdata, if you put it in your home directory). If you don't want the second time you can comment the line that show it (there is a comment above it). If you don't want the mail check you have to comment the mail lines, else you have to substitute the text in brackets with your login data. - Oct 07 2004
It's only a draw made with Sodipodi, but thanks to you all! - Oct 06 2004
thanks :-) - Oct 05 2004

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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Ehi! Eere looking in my mind wen you wrote this applicaion!? It's wonderful, just what I need :-))

Many many thanks - Oct 05 2005
Baghira CVS Suse rpm

KDE 3.5 Themes 7 comments

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Sep 02 2005
The bar to the bottom is KxDocker! - Sep 09 2005
If you refer to the side bar of konqueror, I can't add it, too :-(
I've soccessfully compiled the package, so I don't know where is the mistake. We will have to ask to the baghira author. - Sep 09 2005
My best desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 6 comments

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Aug 14 2005
I've had no time to test it, just a two minutes view, now I'me leaving for holidays ;-)

Anyway, the idea is great and, if you set the keywords for menu items, it would become a killer menu app! - Aug 15 2005
Yes it is a MacOSX copy. I mean _my_ as the best kde appareance I've ever got, not as I _created_ it. MaxOS Is great. Thanks to baghira creator :-) - Aug 15 2005