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Verena R , Austria

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Aug 15 2010

thanks for the translation. I just commited it to SVN. If you're using the svn version, you can just update and set the language to es in the configuration file.
I will create a new release with this translation, but for now it doesn't look very good, since the tabs have a fixed width and the spanish words for playlist are quite long. - Aug 24 2010

thanks for your interests in supporting webarok!

First have a look here:

Just take an existing translation, for example the english one (/webarok/lang/en.ini), copy it to es.ini and edit this file. That's all. When you're done, just send me this file and I will include it in a new release.
- Aug 18 2010
Just released a new version, which *should* fix this.

Maybe you could tell me how to set up Amarok to use album art from the music folder. Does the picture need to follow a naming convention? - Oct 19 2009
Thanks, I'll have a look on it. - Oct 14 2009
Made a new release and picked up some of your style suggestions. And webarok won't crash if Amarok is not running yet.
Thanks for the input. - Oct 12 2009

I have no iPhone so I can't make an iPhone optimized template, sorry.
Generally it should be working with the netbook theme, or is the iPhone resolution so low that you can't recognize anything? Maybe you can send me some photos how the netbook theme looks on the iPhone and I can try to tweak the theme or create a new on based on these photos.

But it's on my list, as soon as I get my Nokia N900, which will be availble soon hopefully, I'll start making a special mobile phone theme. - Oct 12 2009
You should set thte path to "/media/IOMEGA_HDD/Mucke", then it should show the album art. If you don't care, you can even set it to an empty string, it is just a parameter to prevent webarok to grab any files from your whole system.

- Oct 09 2009
Thanks for the comment.

Sorry for the wrong catagory, I was a little but unsure about this, since the catagories here are quite limited and this is not a KDE program at all, but tied to a KDE program. Finally, I moved it to sound applications. - Sep 27 2009
Forgot to say:

Sleeping on restart: definitly, but this is a first working release, so left this one out.
If you do not wont to see the refresh setting it is possible making a tabbed view like the netbook theme, putting all the settings stuff in a different tab. - Sep 27 2009
thanks for your feedback.It would be very kind if you send me your changes. I was never good in visual things, so I appreciate any help espicially on this part of the app.

The position bar will be reworked completly. This simply overlay will be removed by a nice js widget. Then the formatting of the current position in the song will be changed as well.

About stopping the refreshers: refreshing the current song includes refreshing some of the other things. So as long this one is enable, not many things will change. Or did any javascript error occur?
- Sep 27 2009
Thanks, but streaming media is not the focus of this project. It's a remote control for as many Amarok features as possible (which are not many since the quite limited features Amarok exposes via dbus compared to all the features Amarok has).
If you're interested in streaming, look at ampache. It has a good web control and Amarok integration. - Sep 27 2009