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Mar 22 2008
Sorry! I didn't understand what you meant! Sorry again! - May 12 2006
Try now. If still doesn't work just copy & paste this address in your web browser - May 11 2006
I'll try. I'm still a newbie - May 10 2006
You're absolutely right! Just let me have just one theme like OSX! The important is the heart of OS...and the heart of OS is Ubuntu linux ;)

I'll work on other themes! Suggests are accepted! - May 10 2006
A little change in ubuntu logo for both GDM Theme and white background in the users browser in AppleUbuntu_Browser - May 09 2006
Ok, now the link for AppleUbuntu_Browser works. :) - May 06 2006
Wow, I'm getting crazy!

Copy&Paste in your web browser the link above - May 06 2006
I am sorry, but I don't know why the link for AppleUbuntu_Browser doesn't work.

Here the complete link - May 06 2006
I'm working on your suggest.

I've added a new GDM theme.

The screenshot of AppleUbuntu_Browser is the same of AppleUbuntu: don't worry, I have to upgrade it.

Tell me your impression so I can improve it. - May 05 2006