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Mauro Mancini , Italy
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Jul 26 2017
Yes, it will be a nice feature, maybe a "save as" dialog with a version control substrate for autoversioning. It can be another idea to submit on opendesktop.
My idea simply points to help when you save the file for the first time or to save it in different locations; but anyhow, dragging something as the "save" icon from the application window to the folder currently open (the file manager window) could be a better alternative to save a file; file name and file type, eventually, can be asked after dropping the icon...
- Jul 26 2017
Thanks! - Jul 26 2017
Definitely! Maybe open folders with the file manager are anyway a "recently used" resource and can fall into that category. ;) - Jul 26 2017
Hi danux, thanks for appreciations. You simply have to vote clicking on the "+" button near the Score.
Bye - Jul 23 2017

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Nov 08 2013
It was a bug related to recurrences. Thanks for the input, it should be ok now with 0.4.1 - Nov 08 2013
Oh.. thanks, I think you refer to occurrences that don't have a time. In version 0.4 if the item has "all day" checked, time will not be displayed - Nov 07 2013
Many thanks.
- I don't know if displaying details directly on calendar is an advantage: it can be problematic if we have multiple events on the same day and we want to display all without modifying the day frame size... I know the actual hovering is a bit ugly but try to send me a sketch of your idea.
- Yes, more icons can be nice. I will try
- Ok, I can add a frame angle radius in settings - Nov 07 2013
Thanks! I will try it - Feb 25 2012
Mmm.. I think that's a time zone bug. Do you submit time in UTC when you create the event? - Feb 15 2012
Fading Calendar

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by cauch

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Feb 14 2012