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Hubert Tuxine
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Jun 14 2013
Hi, might have found a bug or two.

If I open a new terminal as a tab the scrollbar changes?

The theme are crash prone here when restarting the shell with alt+f2 "r" especially with a few application open e.g. firefox will do it for sure at least here. It will crash me to the opps logout screen. This use to happen a lot with the default GTK3 but I can't really get the default theme to crash anymore. Perhaps something changed in the original codebase? - Jun 29 2011
Nice theme I like it!

For anyone that might have trouble with the tree view colors in aptana studio it is mostly fixed in v3.0.2. For the rest - themes - foreground color within aptana can help out. - Jun 18 2011
Penguin By VIne

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9   Jun 25 2011
Adwaita Elements

GTK3 Themes
by Peyton

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9   Jun 18 2011