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Sick CORE Torino (Italy), Bosnia-Herzegovina
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Sep 09 2010
I'm sorry!
I hadn't so much time in the last period. I updated the theme and the Icon set, Chrome theme too. Try now and let me know if it works. - Sep 09 2010
I'll fix it and update the theme! - Mar 19 2010
I see, tell me exactly the name of the applet you are using, so I can find anc change the icon. For the vertical panel, have to give some instructions to make it work. Send me an e-mail, and wi will talk about. - Mar 18 2010
The icon them is a "modified fusion" of some themes, so I don't know exactly what icon doesn't fit well with the theme. If you want send me a screen shot and I'll see what I can do. The blue icon is not the shutdown icon. - Mar 17 2010
I sent you an e-mail. - Mar 06 2010
I'm using Sans, size 8, and sat to 102 dpi. - Mar 05 2010
Simply right click on the panel -> Preferences, and set it to 22 px. For me the minimal size is 19. - Mar 05 2010
Added a Chromium Theme! - Mar 05 2010
Thanks guys!!! ;) - Mar 05 2010

I added the link for Icons download! Enjoy! - Mar 05 2010
ArchCORE Ubuntu Remake

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Mar 21 2010
Lol! Plagiarism of my own theme!
I chenged the distro logos... that's all! - Mar 22 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
Great work! My compliements. Which Icons theme you are using? - Mar 20 2010
Aurora Metal

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

by Pakos
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Dec 01 2009
Can I ask you if is possible change the color scheme on the theme?
I mean, the selection is grey, but I would like to have it blue. Thanks!
Btw... great work! - Dec 02 2009
ArchLinux splashy by CORE

Splashy Themes 3 comments

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Nov 29 2009
I changed the download link. Try now and please let me know if everything works. Thanks! - Nov 29 2009