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Siavash Asad

Dolphin Service Menus 26 comments

by Hirs
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Dec 28 2013
Thanks. It solved the problem. - May 29 2011
I did everything that zipizap123 has written and still it doesn't work. When I clock on Download subtitle from in the service menu, a task titled "Download Subtitles from opensubtitle" opens for a few seconds, no window, only visible in the task manager, and then it automatically closes without any error or result. Any solution? - Apr 17 2011
Yasp-Scripted (Systemmonitor) v1.0.8a

Plasma 4 Extensions 301 comments

Score 82.1%
Feb 25 2011
Thank you very much for the quick and complete response. I'll try to make it work. Thank you. - May 06 2011
For me, only one of the scripts works: the one from joseph. The rest are stuck at Waiting for: HomeUsed or Waiting for: CPU0 Temp. lm-sensors is configured correctly. What should I do? - May 06 2011
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

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Mar 23 2013
I installed a few more packages and it worked very well:


Thank you for the response. - Apr 19 2011
I'm trying to make it work on Kubuntu 10.10 with KDE 4.6 from kubuntu backports ppa. running ./ returns an error:

CMake failed. Your system probably does not meets all requirements.

Also when I try to install the package from KPackageKit, it says it depends on libweather-ion4a. When I choose the libweather-ion4a package to install Kpackagekit wants to remove 7 packages to be able to install it, including plasma-desktop and kubuntu-desktop. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? - Apr 19 2011