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Oct 11 2019
Tried the updated version - works like a charm, thank you! However, i can't get uncolored buttons version now, both from this site (files named 'normal' still have colored buttons) and from git, because "normal buttons" script doesn't change anything (it worked for me in previous version) - Mar 11 2018
Yes, GTK3 windows resizing works fine, but on GTK2 windows (which i guess are all windows with simple titlebar and minimize/maximize/close buttons), the cursor doesn't change to it's resizing form, like there is no border underneath it, but only on left, right and bottom borders, top border works as usual - Mar 11 2018
Also found out that you don't support MATE... But i guess you can give me a tip, how to edit your theme to create borders in GTK2 windows? which style and parameters corresponds for them - Mar 09 2018
Found my issue already reported in older comments:
"I have a strange issue on Ubuntu 17.04 + MATE. Once i select the theme, i loose any window resize ability when you hover a cursor on the window edge. The cursor does not change a shape so can't resize it this way (can resize using resize menu). If i choose a window border from a different theme, the resize controls return back."

- Mar 09 2018
I can't resize any GTK2 window (like vlc, transmission, caja etc) on all borders except top border, like there isn't anything to drag for, however GTK3 windows are working as usual.
I tried to fix it, but was unlucky to find out what is responding for that in /gtk2.0/main.rc.
I would be glad if you helped me to fix it! - Mar 09 2018
Zafiro icons

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Nov 03 2019
Great icons, i also wish there would be Tor icon - Feb 27 2018
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Mar 11 2018
Zafiro icons

Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

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Feb 25 2018