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shujaat khan

Qt Tools by tumic 4 comments

Thanks a lot! I got it working now :)
Here i tell you what i did:

First of all i download a sample ".gpx" file from internet:
I downloaded "sebenches.gpx" from ""

===> Before Running GPXSee <===
=> Created a folder "GPXSee" in "C:\Users\USER_NAME"
=> Opened above "GPXSee" folder
=> Created "maps.txt" file inside above "GPXSee" folder and placed following line in it with "MAP1" and "URL" delimited by a TAB character:

===> Now Started GPXSee <===
=>Clicked on "File" menu
=>Clicked "Open" in "File" menu to load "sebenches.gpx'
Ahaa i got NiCe track!!! :)
But no map :( Wait i tell you how i got map shown! :)
=>In the toolbar I clicked on "Earth icon" and waited for a while and lo i got map shown!
====> Mission Accomplished <====

Thanks for the nice app and source code too! - Dec 22 2015

Qt Tools by tumic 4 comments

Hi, you have done a great job and it seems to be very nice and user friendly app.
One problem i faced is that i could not configured the app as required and hence i get no map no poi and no graphs :(
Can you please place working demo files alongwith source files?
Thanks - Dec 20 2015
9   Dec 23 2015