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sho dekiagari
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

edit: I fixed the problem by removing everythong associated with kxdocker on my system and re-installing. I probably installed over my .40 installation which caused the errors.

shodekiagari - Mar 20 2006
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

Alright, click on the first download link on this page. The one that says "Source Code of KXDOCKER" When you get to that page, scroll down until you see "Download Kxdocker 1.0.0." Under this heading is a bunch of plguins for kxdocker including the trayiconlogger. Download and install that and you should get a configuration dialogue.

Thanks. By the way, do you have that error I mentioned? - Mar 17 2006
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

install ktrayicon. (it's one of the packages available in the 1.0 configuration). Is anyone else getting updated icons on the very left side of the screen rather than on the bar?
- Mar 16 2006
Kopete Avatar

Amarok 1.x Scripts by gnumdk 9 comments

A note on how to install this/get it running would be nice. Is it an amarok extension? Something I need cron to run?

Thanks. This looks like a nifty app, I would like to start using it. - Feb 11 2006
(Project idea) Kaim

Chat & Messenging by DaBlade 18 comments

Don't get me wrong. I do like kopete, and I like gaim. I just like gaim better, sort of like sweet and sour pickles :) Most people just have a preference.

There's nothing really wrong with kopete, just a few things not to my liking which I talked about in an earlier post (which I now can't find?)

I've said before, I can't program, so it's only wishing for now :)

You don't like the windows of gaim, I don't like the menus of kopete :) To each their own!

shodekiagari - May 22 2005
Kopete chat window suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by shulato 11 comments

I like, it. Except I'd mirror it where the buddy icon is on the left side :) Looks much cleaner than it does currrently. - May 22 2005
(Project idea) Kaim

Chat & Messenging by DaBlade 18 comments

I can't program, and that's generally the put up or shut up response. (don't like it, fix it).

But here are a few things that's wrong with kopete IMO.

IRC I believe crashed my computer. AIM would disconnect, but wouldn't display an error message.

The interface, bugs me (hard for me to distinguish text). This is partly due to the way I have kde configured. I like it for the desktop, not for my indivdual program.

The menus in gaim are cleaner. (I hate nested submenus; ugly).

There are plugins in gaim (Off the Record, song away ), that aren't supported in kopete.

Nice things about kopete include that it's fast and light, it has kaddressbook syncing and it's fun to configure. It also blends with my desktop.

I wish both could transfer files over the aim network though.

I've tried both, several times, and I just find myself liking gaim better. I wish both projects the best of luck! - May 21 2005
(Project idea) Kaim

Chat & Messenging by DaBlade 18 comments

A version fo firefox, and gaim that fit in my kde desktop would be nice. Only two non-kde apps that I use regularly. Also, the two I use predominately... I know it would help make things run faster on my desktop.

Are there any technical reasons why this couldn't be done? - May 21 2005
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

So, I install the program (previously running .26) and everything seems to run hunky dory. Then I try and change the configuration and everytime it reverts back. If I change the thumbnail visibility, it reverts back to visible. If I try and change the height from -34 it reverts back to 34. I've edited the config as root, edited the text file, everything. I can't get it to work the way I would like :( Could you let me know if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks. - May 01 2005
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

I love kxdocker but I'm using .26. Could anyone make a debian package for .30? I'd install from source but I can't get it to work. (no devel headers for 3.4)

Thanks a ton! - Apr 09 2005
Bluetooth Remote Control for Amarok

Audio Apps by asdex 11 comments

This sounds a bit like iTunes salling clicker. It's a nice concept. I wish I had a bluetooth module/phone to test it out on.

Sounds pretty nifty though. - Feb 12 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts by eean 20 comments

This looks like a nice script. I of course, am clueless. Where do I edit the configuration? Can I upload the results to another server?

And finally... how do I run it? heh.

Thank you. - Jan 26 2005

Database by robby 164 comments

Are there any plans for barcode scanning or is the input done entirely by hand?

Thank you,

~shodekiagari - Dec 12 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by victor73 100 comments

Thanks, this is a nifty little superkaramba theme. I like it.

Good job!

P.S. The only reason I think you have such a low scoring is because people disagree with you idealogically. You seem cool enough though :D - Sep 07 2004

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

Awesome application but is there any way to kill the #$*%& tooltips? They're driving me mad with their popping up every five seconds. Thanks. - Aug 27 2004
Baghira for Debian

KDE 3.5 Themes by Borszczuk 36 comments

I'll admit it. I have a horrible time compiling anything. I think for the eight months since I began using linux I have gotten precisely 0 packages to install from a tarball.

I tried installing baghira and it was no different. I got some weird QT errors and then it stopped. I can post them if you think they'll be of any use, but I doubt it. It's probably just me.

My question is, does anyone out there have a packaged version of baghira 5.0? I'd thank you forever if you did. I might even be able to host it for awhile too. I've got a 20gb bandwidth limit.

So, if anyone does have a copy, could they please send it to haas;;master;;@;; without the semicolons of course. Thank you,


P.S. If you want me to host it, please contact me. - Aug 26 2004