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Xavian-Anderson Macpherson , United States of America
STH Monitor CPU Black

Karamba & Superkaramba by FrikiLinux 2 comments

I thought those two outside bars were for the cores. But I think I'm reading this that they're for your fans instead. Kind of sad, because my fans don't register.

Would you please make this work for quad-cores as well. I have another computer with FOUR-SOCKETS (CPUs), capable of QUAD-CORES in each socket. I don't know how you could ever manage that. But it sure would be nice!!

Shingoshi - May 05 2009
clean k3b theme

K3b Themes by darkowl 1 comment

I tend to like very dark themes. The result for me is less eyestrain. And this theme in the black version is great for that purpose.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Xavian-Anderson Macpherson
Shingoshi - Dec 25 2008