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Chris Zuber , United States of America
True Vista Experience

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ep5il0n 28 comments

Yeah, I can see that Linux should have a different appearance than vista, but I think that people should and can do what they want (isn't that the idea?). Just for the fun of it, I sometimes set my computer up to look nearly perfectly like Vista or 7, but tell people that it an alpha version of Windows 8. I then proceed to amaze them with how well everything runs and cool it makes nearly everything you do.
On top of all that, I have found that many people shy away from non-microsoft things simply because it is so unfamiliar to them... what's wrong with making the environment as familiar as possible?
My final point here is that Vista-clone items seem to be fairly popular on here, so obviously it is a common desire to make Linux look like Vista, and the beauty of it is that we are free to do so. - Oct 07 2009
nUbuntu GDM Logins

GDM Themes by Day 18 comments

The reason that the blue one isn't recognised is because all the files need to be in a folder in the archive. Just open the archive, put everything in there into a folder, and make a new .tar.gz out of it.
- Apr 22 2009