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Shane Slay

Compiz Themes by Steveway 10 comments

There is not enough red themes for computers in general.
Always blue, silver... We're not all dead !
(people with low-blood pressure (like me) need red and other warm colours to be a bit more energetic)
By the way, this red theme looks particularly great. (plus, I love the name ;))
Keep it up ! - Sep 21 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by packadal 11 comments

Yes, tabs are a good idea and in each tab a configure button.
Determining the number of tabs is a bit more complicated. Maybe you should start with 2 or 3 tabs by default and see if people need more tabs, try to find a way to make this variable.
Sorry for the complicated ideas I'm not a coder so I write feedback and let the real coders see what is possible and forget the impossible suggestions ;) - Sep 10 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by packadal 11 comments

It would also be fun to add the possibility to view the results for several different birth dates. - Sep 09 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by packadal 11 comments

But I think the widget is a bit too big for the amount of informations it provides (and people with 25" screens are still rare ;) )
So, maybe it would be useful to create a smaller one. Or, better option, to integrate this in aero-aio. (I think that all the cool widgets should have an aero-aio version).
By the way, the design is really nice. - Sep 09 2006
Soft Adobe CS2 Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dirceu 5 comments

I really love the design of these icons, they're colored, easily recognizable and fit together at the same time. Really really nice.
Maybe you could extend the set to more icons than just the ones for photoshop...
The style is really great. - Aug 23 2006
aero - liquidweather

Karamba & Superkaramba by nixjunkie 6 comments

I really hope this thing will be done. It is a great idea. - Aug 05 2006
Mozilla Products Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by chichovoto 11 comments

Very nice icons.
However, on the preview, the second icon in the first row and the third in the second row do not fit with the others. There is something missing about them. (If you made them different on purpose forget about this.) - Jun 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by kristinstickle 5 comments

Don't bother about dapper drake, it will only be released in two months and not everyone will change the distro on the release day.
Plus, this wallpaper is so cute that you don't have to have breezy badger to love it.
(Could you add a red and/or a blue version ? I could do it myself but I would probably spoil it or spend 3 days on it :( ) - Feb 28 2006
Toy Factory Attempt

KDE 3 Color Schemes by shanodyn 6 comments

Thank you :) I'm happy there's someone out there to find it cool.

The wallpaper comes from here : - Feb 06 2006
Todo: AIO plugin

Karamba & Superkaramba by toscen 7 comments

I hoped someone would make a theme like this one...
However, it would be nice (for your next releases) to use more of the korganizer possibilities.
For instance, add a "show the category", use the same colors for categories as they are defined in korganizer (maybe this is too complicated to implement but it would be cool), add an "onclick" opening of the todo list of korganizer (for an easier editing), add a bar for the progress of the task (maybe the bar could have the color of the category...)
I know I'm asking too much. Hope you don't mind.
(BTW, the installation through the config of AIO doesn't work, I did it manually. No big deal, just to tell you ;))
However, I rate it good and I hope you will make other releases ;) - Feb 02 2006
Red Flower

Nature by Triade 4 comments

whatever its name ;)
And the way you took the picture gives really a nice effect.
It would be cool if you made some other pictures of other flowers to make a series of wallpapers. - Jan 25 2006
Slightly altered Moon Amarok theme

Amarok Themes by game-flea 5 comments

Exactly what I meant ! Thank you. From now on it is my default background. - Jan 12 2006
Slightly altered Moon Amarok theme

Amarok Themes by game-flea 5 comments

of putting the amarok wolf on the moon. It's cool. However, in the moon theme, the moon seemed brighter which was really a nice effect... Maybe you could try to keep the moon more detailed and brighter with the wolf as an aura over it ? - Jan 10 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by MastahhCookie 2 comments

and promising ! pleeeease finish it ! - Jan 01 2006
Aero AIO: RSS News Feed

Karamba & Superkaramba by LeeSieLung 22 comments

aio has become my favourite karamba theme and i think it needs more plugins and an rss plugin is ideed useful. However, ouiiinn, it doesn't work. AIO accepts it as a plugin, i get it in the config menu but somehow it spoils something in the menu so it doesn't want to apply the changes and i can't get to the plugin to appear in my aio theme. The place of the icon remains blank and i can't click on it. I think i've put the files in the right folders (i'm not sure what to do about the rssparser). maybe something's wrong with the gui file ?
please check it, i would really like to use it ! - Dec 13 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by davidstefka 31 comments

i love the theme (i'm one of those who always forgets things to do lol)...
However you could improve the design by making it smaller or giving the possibility to show just the dates and then expand (like you did for the tasks to add) the window to see what it is about (do you see what i mean ?)
also, you could maybe add a countdown to the date given so you know that you have x days left to do something...
thanks for your theme, keep it up ! - Nov 24 2005 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba by sg1 29 comments

keep it up ! you did a great job here. (i'm happy it works) thank you ! - Nov 22 2005
Bubble system

Karamba & Superkaramba by Ricardo 5 comments

just a little suggestion (i always make suggestions ;)) you could make the circles without the logo and add a separate file for the logo image... this way, it would be simpler to change the image in the middle to suit all the distros... (i see you put the svg source in your file but i suck at inkscape *shame*)
just keep making themes, it's great ! - Nov 22 2005
Rounded debian

Karamba & Superkaramba by Ricardo 11 comments

thank you ricardo ;)
by the way i wasn't saying it's the most ugliest thing i've ever seen i loved the design but just a little smaller is perfect...
aren't we a community making things to please ourselves and the others at the same time ? if a small modification in a theme can make it fit for one more person why not discuss the idea with the author ?
and, i never give feedback on something i hate because i don't think my opinion is universal and i think there is no use to put down somebody's work because i know everybody here spends time on their productions...
and by the way i'm not a "man" ;) - Nov 17 2005
Rounded debian

Karamba & Superkaramba by Ricardo 11 comments

it looks like flowers :) with the various sizes... I love it ;) - Nov 15 2005
Rounded debian

Karamba & Superkaramba by Ricardo 11 comments

what's your problem man ? The comments are for the author... it is feedback ! Moreover I consider it's not fair to download something and don't leave any comment about it ! it maybe wasn't the most constructive feedback ever... but I haven't seen anywhere a "constructive comments only" label !
go and get yourself a valium ! - Nov 15 2005
Breezy Badger moodin

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by shanodyn 2 comments

thank you
I know for the font but as it is my first try with moodin I'm not yet an expert for the options so, for the time being the font does what it wants and not what i would like it to be ! lol - Nov 15 2005
Rounded debian

Karamba & Superkaramba by Ricardo 11 comments

I definitely love the design but as in aero-g, the problem is that it takes lots of space on the desktop to have all these circles... Well, after all, this is a problem that depends of the wallpaper... However, not bad at all ! - Nov 15 2005 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba by sg1 29 comments

It didn't help :(
the console log seems to indicate that there is a problem in the syntax on line 21 in your file... But I suck at python scripts so, i'm unable to determine what's wrong in this file. However, it prevents superkaramba from reading the rest of the python file and therefore from loading it... - Nov 05 2005 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba by sg1 29 comments

thank you :)
ok, here goes the error part

superkaramba: Loading python module: answers
sys.path.insert(0, '/superkaramba-themes/30887-answers.skz')
File "/superkaramba-themes/30887-answers.skz/", line 21
values = dict(line.split('=', 2) for line in f)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
What does ImportError mean?

It means that I couldn't load a python add-on
If this is a regular theme and doesn't use python
extensions, then nothing is wrong.

I wasn't really sure about which part was relevant so I paste everything. - Nov 03 2005 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba by sg1 29 comments

this is really great ! you've added everything I was asking for (I didn't hope you'll do everything and so quick) But unfortunately, it doesn't work on my box (I have the latest version of karamba, I don't know if I need some other stuff to make it work properly) I only get an invisible rectangle on my desktop :( I'm sorry I feel like I'm bothering you too much ! - Nov 03 2005
Kubuntu Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Underdog45 3 comments

simple and really nice looking ! I love it. Thank you ! (I was already swearing against the official "ugly" splash, you saved my eyes ;)) - Nov 03 2005 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba by sg1 29 comments

but quite nice and interesting. May I suggest you just add a possibility to choose the internet browser (in a graphical way... you've made a python script so far so it shouldn't be difficult I guess) that should be used (not everyone is a konqueror fan...) and also the possibility to search maybe say Wikipedia (even though seems to be quite relevant (made only two searches but had a rather complete answer both times))
And also make the background with rounded corners...
A bit demanding, sorry.
But your theme remains the only karamba theme i tried in months!
Keep up the good work ;) - Nov 01 2005
error? ORROR!

Various Stuff by elgx 19 comments

i've updated my hoary to breezy and had no problems with the windecs... and i don't even have a good video card (integrated intel chip) I know, it doesn't help but maybe it dismisses the idea it's the video card that goes wrong... or, maybe it's the driver that's been updated and that doesn't fit anymore... which graphic card do you have ? and which driver do you use ?? maybe you should try ask yout question on a kubuntu forum...
(by the way, i love your wallpaper could you tell me where you found it) - Nov 01 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by gri6507 1 comment

i like the idea, it should look nice but, I can't think of anything useful to make the orb glow... i mean, i don't care about stock market and for the weather there is already the great liquidweather... so, i'm not of any help but the idea is really nice so don't give it up ! - Oct 17 2005
12 Apostles

Wallpaper Other by nermal 3 comments

Really beautiful landscape. And, incredibly well rendered with the sun halo... have you modified it with gimp or something or are you just an amazing photographer (or you have an amazing camera ;)) ? - Oct 13 2005
W I C D OpenOffice icons

Icon Sub-Sets by who 4 comments

please continue your work on this (i'd like to have mime types and everything) They're really nice ! - Oct 09 2005
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jbus 33 comments

I like the fact it uses the icons installed on the system and that it calls me by my name (my machine recognizes me, at last !) but, as far as I know, Moodin' engine authorizes (and is fun because of that) a non-squared splash and, position of icons wherever you want them to be... so it would really be cool to make a less square/straight line version for those who don't need the "professional look"... But anyway, I love it. - Sep 28 2005