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Shanda M Illinois, United States of America
Morning Sun Petunias

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Apr 14 2008
Oh, nice! I've never seen a petunia that shade. My dad and brothers used to grow the purple, white or the multicolor kind but I never saw one that was dark pink/purplish. - Apr 14 2008
japanese manuscript

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by feliz
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Dec 04 2007
"Kami" still shows up in manga, no idea if it's used otherwise. - Nov 26 2007
It depends on location... I've heard people say, "Things are Oriental, people are Asian" - which I'm guessing is mostly confined to the US. So it'd be OK to call the thime Oriental, though linguistically it'd be Japanese.

On the other hand a British person I know of Asian ancestry refers to herself as Oriental, because to people wheree she's from, Asian=Indians. - Nov 26 2007
"Kami" still shows up in manga, no idea if it's used otherwise. - Nov 26 2007

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Oct 18 2005
That's me when I first wake up - Nov 26 2007
Communist Victory

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Mar 04 2007
So does Encyclopedia Dramatica. Though they may have ripped from Un or else Un from ED or... - Nov 26 2007

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Nov 19 2006
I think this would appeal to young women because it's a lot like either an album cover or a photo from a high-end cosmetics company. Not that you have to be a young woman or a woman at all to like this theme. - Nov 28 2006
Soft Flower Gnome GDM

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Apr 23 2009
Here's how.

Click System (on your toolbar), then Administration, then Login Window. GDM will open up on your screen (titled Login Window Preferences). Just drag the tar.gz file into the window and it'll ask you if you want to install it. - Nov 28 2006
Crisp Clear Morning

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Nov 25 2006
Very pretty! Real clean and easy on the eyes - Nov 28 2006

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by EnNe
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Nov 09 2006
Is it paper? No no noooo no!
Is it pencils? No no nooo no!
Is it...ganja? Ya ya yaaa ya! - Nov 26 2006

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Sep 16 2006
She's so pretty, I love her markings and she looks so sweet snoozing in the straw in the basket.

The image itself looks good on my monitor's resolution (1280X1024) with style on Scaled. No distortion or other problems here. - Sep 18 2006
Pipes at Night

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Sep 17 2006
Who thought a shot of pipes could be so interesting? Then again I'll stare at gas meters, electrical conduits and the old plumbing in old houses. Maybe I was a pipefitter in another life? - Sep 18 2006
A personal ubuntu wallpaper

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Apr 07 2005
I found it, it's Kulkulcan hibernalis. - Jul 29 2006
That's a cool shot... what kind of spider is that? - Jul 29 2006
Ubuntu Glass

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Feb 09 2007
The glassified logo looks a bit like a candy dish, a coaster or an ashtray :) Very clean look, both easy on the eyes and attractive.

Thanks! - Jul 24 2006