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Anthony Anthony Stainer

KDE Plasma Screenshots by joshuafr 2 comments

Very nice, elegant and clean :)
*Searches the web for that wallpaper* - Apr 09 2006
FreeBSD bootsplash

Bootsplash Various by victoryacovlev 1 comment

I had to go in and paint black over some flakes of red that shouldn't be there, but other than that, great splash screen! Thanks :) - Feb 28 2006
Professional Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

Yes yes, share the xcf so I can change 'KDE 3.4' to 'KDE 3.5' ^_^
Very good wallpaper, thanks :) - Feb 28 2006
Learn your ABC

Wallpaper Other by papak 2 comments

'Learn your ABCs' is a common phrase in English, and 'atomical' is indeed a word . - Feb 28 2006