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shahab shirazi Tehran, Iran
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by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
I've got a problem with some players (except dear Mr.kaffeine and Mr.amarok !!!)
the problem is, only one instance of a player is needed at a moment.
forexample when I'm watching a movie with smplayer and i click on another file in my file manager (konqueror) it opens another instance of smplayer but unfortunately I can't watch both of them together!

I wish you could solve this problem in smplayer.

thanks for the great software...
shahab. - Mar 29 2008

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Mar 23 2008
Thank you for your report,
I thought M_PI is in standard C++! anyway, all 3 bugs are fixed. - Feb 17 2008
Thank you...
Both problems are fixed. now you can resize images (hold shift to keep aspect ratio), the file format changed to .qsd (qsimplesheet documents) - Feb 17 2008
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
my friend, I'm Persian not Muslim!
what I said, was exactly my own idea... nothing to do with my religion or anything else.
sorry but maybe I should be a little more polite...
anyway, I (my opinion) don't like to use beauty in this way. i'm talking just about the naked one but those two are really beautiful.
good luck. - Feb 06 2008
Sorry, but I don't like the photos (no, I'm not gay).
You're not sooo beauftiful that everyone has to have a photo from you. And moreover I don't like girls who just put naked pics of them on the internet.

I just wanna confirm caladan's words!
You are beautiful BUT you are also a WHORE!!! and I hate using a body (and beauty) this way.
if I was your boyfriend.... :D - Nov 23 2007
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by MMentos

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9   Jan 02 2011