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Ubuntu Radiance for Grub 2 [BURG]

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Mar 10 2010
Please visit the wiki here: It has a detailed explanation of how burg works, and I hope you'll find a solution to your problem there. The problem you are reporting is probably due to an error in configuration. Can you please check /boot/burg/burg.cfg and manually change the theme there?
- Mar 12 2010
Then edit plain old /boot/burg/burg.cfg. In this case, no update-burg is needed, and actually you'll need to repeat the hack after each burg-update. - Mar 11 2010
its burg'd, so edit etc/default/burg instead :), and don't forget to run update-burg afterwards. - Mar 10 2010
In my experience, using these commands worked well, and nothing more was needed. However, I'm going to add a link to butg wiki for anyone interested in a deeper description. - Mar 10 2010
I've uploaded a version with text enabled, though IMO the non text one looks better :) - Mar 10 2010
Did you install burg properly?
If Burg is working properly, i.e you can run other themes, then try this
sudo gedit /etc/default/burg
set theme to radiance from saved
run update-burg
sudo apt-get install burg-emu
sudo burg emu
BURG should run in a window, see if the theme works there, if it works there, it'll work during boot. - Mar 06 2010
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Aug 03 2017
Can you please change the naming convention of window buttons so that it uses the same names as metacity themes. That way, one would be able to drug-n-drop buttons from metacity folders to create new themes matching the system theme. I normally create a theme matching my metacity themes but it needs renaming 16 files by hand.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful applet. - Mar 01 2010