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Rohan Garg Gurgaon, India
uhm.. domino anyone?

Various Stuff by TheRob 19 comments

The screenshot looks great!
Can you please paste your conkyrc for us to use?
Also how to use the CSS style sheets with dolphin.. and please paste the whole CSS file
Thanks! - Mar 24 2010
QuickAccess (maintenance fork)

Plasma 4 Extensions by jmthomas 54 comments

Hi there,please have a look at this bug report.It is a usability issue : - Feb 20 2010

Video Apps by XxtjaxX 7 comments

Hi ive filed a bug report at

Please have a look :) - Feb 19 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

Hi if anyone wants development versions of some packages they can go here :

List of software in PPA :
rekonq ( Latest git )
choqok ( latest svn )
kopete-facebook ( latest stable release 0.1.5 )

Enjoy! and feel free to ask for any other small piece of software you want :) - Feb 18 2010