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rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

I think the issue might be caused due to a difference in the docbook versions in jaunty and karmic.
If you could tell us what vesion of docbook you have maybe i can help.
And if you dont want the docbook just remove the docs folder and the CMakeLists.txt line,that should sort out any problems with the docbook.
Also since rekonq 0.4 now depends on KDE 4.4 i would advise that you move on to karmic.
- Dec 11 2009
KDE 4 gfxboot theme

GFXBoot by grzeSS 14 comments

this theme does not work on 64 bit systems.please make a 64 bit version , thanks :) - Jun 23 2009
Nvidia screenlet

Conky by renetwist 29 comments

Hey,awesome screenlet,works perfectly for me,but there seem to be some minor issues such as CPU spikes,looks like youll be doing some code cleaning so hopefully that will get sorted out.The spikes typically seem to depend on your refresh rate,so i increased the refresh rate in order to lower the spikes ;)

All in all a great screenlet for GNOME - Apr 30 2009
Ring Sensors

Conky by Whise 17 comments

Hi,in the drop down list i see no option for my temperature sensors,i have a nvidia 8600M GT

Ubuntu x64 9.04
- Apr 30 2009
Apr 30 2009