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Chris Akey
conky + screenlets + awn

AWN Themes 19 comments

by xeik
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Mar 24 2008
i seen somewhere else that they just put the conversions right in the code. in the end displaying the correct output. - Jun 10 2009
Light conky

Conky 1 comment

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Jul 18 2008
Hmm, Simple Idea. It is admirable but looks like it needs more refining. - Jun 10 2009
Conky [JamesHardy88]

Conky 17 comments

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May 20 2009
Thank you :) got it. - Jun 08 2009
Sorry for the double post but I was fooling and I got it to do what I want.. One last thing though, How can I change the news to a Canadian for me eh? THANKS! - Jun 08 2009
It is truly amazing- Thumbs WAY up on this one.. and even I got it to work properly with my very limited Linux knowledge using your well-made readme. but yes as for the clock, how can I change it to another style? if i cant, please kindly show me how to move the "system" section up so that its equal hight with the "weather" thanks. - Jun 08 2009
My lateral .conkyrc

Conky 8 comments

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Jun 02 2009
Is there a different code instead of "{time %H:%M}" to display the time in 12-HOUR format? also with the 'AM' and 'PM' texts? Thanks! I love this very much. - Jun 08 2009
new vision of conky

Conky 38 comments

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Dec 03 2007
Please help me with this too
- Jun 08 2009
Charcoal (SlicknesS Remix)

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Jun 01 2009
Thanks! :) - Jun 08 2009
I am VERY interested in how you got that side thing on your desktop that shows clock, weather CPU etc.. Please point me in the write direction. what's the software called? where can i find it? Thanks so much, its looks amazing with the theme aswell. good job. thumbs up. - Jun 07 2009
Polar Theme

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Jun 05 2009
Thanks, Helped me too - Jun 07 2009