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Feb 12 2002
Bescause of the fact that I cant post a screenhot of gnome on this site :( I like to give a link to a shot of how gnome CAN look like

I hope you like it - Feb 20 2002
I am a gnome user but I think that trolling sucks from both camps, I use gnome because it look beter (in my opnion) and is quicker than kde 2.2.x (on my humble 1ghz), I do recommend kde to people who come from windows because kde looks and works a lot like windows..

Gnome and kde are both relativly easy to use (both have their deficiencies), and I think that with gnome 2, gnome will come on the same level as kde 3.x when it comes to things as font handeling and transparancy.. - Feb 20 2002
you can scale 'em down..the best thing is that when scaled it keeps the quality (scalable vector graphics) - Feb 20 2002
I do like kde, but use gnome most of the time, and I can say that gnome already looks like this, I've just installed this nautilus theme and it looks very nice on my gnome 1.4 desktop with aa fonts - Feb 20 2002