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Sergey Levin Moscow, Russian Federation
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Project Line Counter (QtCreator Plugin)

Developers Apps 3 comments

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Apr 09 2015
Hi! It should work that way. When you open big project (with sub projects) plugin count lines in parent project only. You should open sub projects sepatately to count lines in those. - Mar 12 2014

Graphic Apps 8 comments

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Nov 23 2014
I updated sources. I may just redownload them and compile. - Feb 22 2014
In the comment two lines: DEFINES += QT_STATIC and QTPLUGIN += qico qsvg. - Feb 22 2014
1) Crosti has 2 theme in /crosti/system/theme. "default" theme is the blank theme, "theme1" is the example how crosti theme works. It should work in Linux.

2) I thought 20% is enough.) I tested crosti in Ubuntu 11.04 a little and, yes, there is poor perfomance when scaling. I working on this problem but (for now) I have no idea why it runs so slow on Linux.( I have to say, that crosti runs much better in Windows. - Sep 06 2011
Thx for report! You should comment or remove line 4: Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(qjpeg) in main.cpp. Sorry for that. I will fix sources soon. - Sep 06 2011