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GTK3/4 Themes by steftrikia 50 comments

Nice icons, needs more work and I can contribute 😊

I noted that there are not icons for:

1.- Corebird - a nice GTK3 twitter client
2.- gnome-robots - Part of the GNOME games
3.- swell-foop - Part of the GNOME games
4.- klotski - Part of the GNOME games
5.- lightsoff - Part of the GNOME games
6.- five-or-more - Part of the GNOME games
7.- four-in-a-row - Part of the GNOME games
8.- iagno - Part of the GNOME games
9.- tali - Part of the GNOME games
10.- gnome-nibbles - Part of the GNOME games
11.- gnome-tetravex - Part of the GNOME games
12.- hitori - Part of the GNOME games
13.- quadrapassel - Part of the GNOME games
14.- vivaldi - A brand New awesome web browser made by old Opera developers
15.- vivaldi-snapshot - A brand new awesome web browser made by old Opera developers (symlink)
16.- accessories-camera - For Snap photobooth a really cool cheese like app and rival
17.- eidete - A good desktop recording app
18.- minetest-icon - A good minecraft clone
19.- Polari - The official GNOME's IRC client
20.- steadyflow - A nice download manager
21.- multimedia-photo-manager - A fork of Shotwell, Pantheon photos
22.- translator - A really nice GTK 3 translating app
23.- gtk-theme-config - A good tool for customizing GTK themes
24.- mugshot - About me app
25.- asunder - CD ripping tool
26.- easytag - The GNOME's kID3
27.- kodi - Media center and the successor of XBMC
28.- Bijiben - GNOME note taking app
29.- gnome-taquin - Part of the GNOME games and tile sliding puzzle game
30.- gnome-2048 - Part of GNOME games and a really cool mathematical puzzle game
31.- gnome-books - GNOME eBook manager and reader
32.- armagetronad - A 3D tron like game
33.- fceux (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/pixmaps/fceux.png) - NES emulator
34.- gens-gs / gensgs (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/games/gens/gensgs_48x48.png) - Sega genesisemulator
35.- supertux (hardcoded on some distros) - A Mario bros like 2D platforming game
36.- supertuxkart_128 (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/pixmaps/supertuxkart_128.png) - An amazing karting game similar to Mario kart
37.- evnc - elementary VNC client
38.- gnome-boxes - The GNOME's virtualbox
39.- opensonic - Fan made open source Sonic the hedgehoc game
40.- (extra and optional) am2r - A fan made Metroid 2 remake - Jun 05 2015

Full Icon Themes by snakebite 156 comments

Hello I have some suggestions for you

1.- why do you not make a Kfaenza dark (like faenza dark) the same icon set the same black flat actions for the windows like the normal Kfaenza but with white ones for the menus and the plasma themes for example I use the Numix theme and Caledonia as plasma themes both looks cool but the KTP's status indicator is black so it is a litle bit hidden if you create the Kfaenza dark you will add more ways to customize KDE

2.- are some unexistent icons for the original theme like the split window and detailed view icons for dolphin you should fix it - Jan 23 2014