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by Barud
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Jul 23 2019
Great! Thanks alot! :) - Oct 20 2015
Haha, sure!
TeamSpeak doesn't come with a Desktop file, so it will be fine if you just call it "teamspeak" and i will adjust my selfmade .desktop file. The rest is:
Shutter: "Icon=shutter"
PopcornTime: "Icon=popcorntime.png"
Ardour has been there allready, but the desktop file was looking for "ardour4" (fixed it in .desktop file. :) )
- Oct 20 2015
Ah! Ardour was looking for an "ardour4" icon. Okay, thanks! Great :) - Oct 19 2015
I have some ideas for new icons! If you have time, maybe you could add:

Teamspeak 3

:) Maybe. Would be great! This is my favourite iconset :D - Oct 17 2015
Hi! Thank you for your reply! The output is following:

$ uname -r
$ grep Icon /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop
- Oct 03 2015
When Firefox is running, instead of the Firefox logo for the running app I get some green icon. Uses to confuse me all the time... Is that normal? :)

Thanks for your help. - Oct 03 2015
Could you put up a list with the icons that came with the latest update? Great work btw, I just updated! Very cool. - Aug 30 2015
Thank you for your great work, I like it a lot :D. Keep it up! - Aug 15 2015

Icon Themes
by Barud

Score 80.4%
9   Oct 20 2015