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Felipe Augusto Dornelas Belo Horizonte, Brazil

GTK2 Themes by robsta 10 comments

The inactive icons in the menu are so ugly! Look at this:

This is how they could be:

Please, could you change this for me? Even if you had to do a different version... I love your theme, but this small detail just mess everything!

[Please, forgive my english mistakes!] - Dec 03 2005
Alphacube GTK Theme

GTK2 Themes by CiccioBueo 25 comments

It's because you've installed them into the "~/.themes" folder. In order to correct this you must install any GTK theme into the global theme folder. Just extract the archive contents to the "/usr/share/themes" directory.

This is because, in Ubuntu, when you run any administrative tool, you are running it through "gksudo", so you are virtually root. However, the GTK theme is locatted into your "~/.themes", not in "/root/.themes". As GTK can't find the selected theme, it falls to the (ugly) default theme. - Dec 03 2005
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I love them! Please, finish it as soon as possible, and make it complete as nuoveXT

Thanks!!! - Dec 03 2005

GTK2 Themes by robsta 10 comments

What is this patch for, and how do I install it?

Thanks. - Dec 03 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 192 comments

Please, include these evolution stock icons in your next release of nuoveXT:

Don't forget to make icons for the file-roller and epiphany...

Thanks! Your work is awesome!!! - Dec 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by kiddo 161 comments

[1] Save the archive in you home directory, with the name "OSX2.1.tar.gz"

[2] Open a terminal ("Applications/Accessories/Terminal" in the menu)

[3] Decompress the archive. Just copy-paste the following command in the terminal window:

tar zxf OSX2.1.tar.gz

[4] If you want to install the icons just for yourself, move them to your "~/.icons" folder:

mv OSX ~/.icons

[5] To install the icons in the global icon folder:

(a) If you use Ubuntu, or any other distro that uses "sudo":

sudo mv OSX /usr/share/icons
sudo chmod -R +rx /usr/share/icons/OSX

(b) If your distro uses the root account:

su # Type your root password
mv OSX /usr/share/icons
chmod -R +rx /usr/share/icons/OSX

[6] Open the gnome-theme-manager, choose your GTK/Metacity theme, and then select the OSX icons

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope I helped! - Dec 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 192 comments

Man, your icons are fantastic! However, as anything is perfect, here is my "wishlist":

[-] gtk/stock icons for most GNOME applications (file-roller, evolution, rhythmbox, epiphany, gaim) --> very IMPORTANT

[-] The "gtk-home.png" icon should be the same as "gnome-fs-home.png", for all sizes (your gnome-fs-home icon is wonderful, and also smootly fits with the nuoveXT Firefox theme)

[-] More applications icons:

[-] Icons for all applications of the gnome-control-center (or "System/Preferences" menu)

[-] Ubuntu icons, for all applications found in the "System/Administration" menu

Thanks! And keep the good work! - Dec 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 76 comments

Your icons are great, but I don't like the HOME icon. Could you please make alternatives versions?

Thanks. - Dec 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 76 comments

Don't know why, but my StarterBar Desklet doesn't show your icons properly.

Here is one screenshot of the bug - Dec 02 2005