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michal seben Nitra, Slovak Republic
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Plasma 4 Extensions 8 comments

by sebo
Score 50.0%
Jun 12 2010
few minutes ago I push some changes to svn ... :
- all ftp servers has now own class
- print some warning if ftp daemon is not running
- check ret value of ftpwho command
- check if ftpwho was executed (handle permission issues)

I hope new release will come soon :)
if you have some issues feel free to report it on add your distro and which ftp server are you using .. thanks !! - Apr 06 2010
Hi! we already talked about wzdftpd support ... if you give me propper steps how I could check info about connected clients on wzdftpd, I will implement also support for wzdftpd
thanks! - Nov 29 2009
thanks for comment, problem with custom ftpwho path is now fixed in svn, so you could grab sources from svn and try it, thanks! - Nov 29 2009

Office Apps 2 comments

by sebo
Score 50.0%
Jun 06 2008
thanks for your patch and support :), currently the aim of this project is to create WYSIWYG xsl-fo editor which can generate xslt document for FOP processor - Jun 06 2008

Music Production
by rncbc

Score 74.0%
9   Nov 30 2010