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Sean Pecor
Rural Scenes #2

Wallpaper Other by seanpecor 4 comments

Lol. The truth is that technically they are heifers and not cows, but.... ;) - Dec 19 2002

People by juanfon 34 comments

ALL of the girly background images I've seen are using photography copyrighted by the Photographer, model or actress. No one is likely to sue the contributor, but the publishers of this site might get into legal trouble in the future. Using someone else's copyrighted material without permission is not advisable, whatever your "political" position is regarding the copyright issue.

Given the vast quantity of regular contributions I'd suggest that the editors of start scrutinizing submissions. Otherwise, a nasty lawyer will come along someday and seek damages given that thousands of people are downloading illegally distributed copyrighted work. Then, will go down in flames and we won't have such a good place to get the latest visual improvements to KDE. - Dec 13 2002
XP Experiment

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanpecor 13 comments

I'm planning on getting a beta published to this weekend. - Jun 19 2002
XP Experiment

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanpecor 13 comments

I'm still working on the toolbars. The problem is that KDE has toolbar background images, and I've been told in kde-devel that they can't be turned off. I had fully simulated XP toolbars (with the horizontal fade even) but they looked bad because behind every icon was a flat rectangle.

But, even if I can't find a complete solution, I know I can get the bevels correct soon. - Jun 14 2002
Fahrenheit Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Rodion 50 comments

A good reference is the kde_xp theme available here on kde-look. I've been using that as part of a basis for my own project (getting a nice XP Silver theme completed). That will help you with the widgets, buttons etc.

As for the window decorations, that is difficult. Most are code-based. You might try using an IceWM theme as a basis, since those are pixmap based.


- Jun 10 2002
XP Experiment

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanpecor 13 comments

Thanks for the feedback on the screenshot. Your suggestion motivated me to dig around into theme documentation and I've got more of the XP Silver look moved over into my XP Experiment. Thanks for the nudge!

In my spare evening time this week I'll try and turn this into an installable theme for everyone to try out. - Jun 08 2002
Marbles 0.1.3 (Translucent)

Icon Sub-Sets by Markus 44 comments

It would be cool if you could write a script that would make use of ImageMagick (or something else) that batch processed an installed icon theme so that every icon was overlaid onto the marble graphic. I know this is possible, but would require a rather technical solution. In any event, it would be possible to apply the script to any theme (i.e., a new release of iKons etc) without having to manually do it. - May 01 2002