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Tomislav Markovski
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Gnome 2 Splash Screens

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Sep 01 2004
Yes, it's being worked on. I'm also waiting for Mattahan to release GANT 3, which will add tons of new icons (around 250 as he said). - Oct 15 2004
Thank you. I love your work, too.
Actually, I used Marc. icons to initally test gib.
Great job. - Sep 03 2004
Thanx, patience is virtue.
I also admire GANT. I'm adding some of the Umicons into the theme, mostly in the stock section as they're brighter and easier to spot when in small sizes. - Aug 29 2004
Thanks, working on it! - Aug 29 2004

Metacity Themes 14 comments

by dhonn
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Nov 30 2004
Thank you, I was waiting for a good metacity theme for a long time, one that is not specific to the gtk theme. Assassin is awsome. I love it. - Sep 25 2004
GDM Bernd

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Sep 23 2004
Dude, don't go posting your scraps all over a public site! - Sep 24 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Sep 24 2004
The icons are lovely :)
You should definitely finish them

P.S. Why do you hesitate to share? - Sep 24 2004

GTK2 Themes 23 comments

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Sep 20 2004
Perfect, as always! - Sep 17 2004

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Sep 07 2004
It comes with Fedora. Here's a RPM which includes this wallpaper. - Sep 10 2004
I need a feedback on this:
Do you think it's HIG-ish to have one icon for all audio types, one for all video, and so on?
I tried that once and it wasn't bad at all. I mean, I don't care if it's mp3, or ogg or wav, it always starts in beep-media. Same for movies (mpg, avi, wma).
What's your opinion on this? - Sep 09 2004
That's true. However, Gno-SX uses the same icons (exquisite) for it's base and adds up other icons to fill the gaps. Those other icons are very inconsistent with the exqus. style. I found many crystal icons there (which I personally dislike), and several Noia icons. I would rather add (and probably will) Snow-E icons to this set, instead ahything else. I also looked at the KDE exquisite theme, which also adds crystal icons.
I don't wanna do the same with the gnome version.
And, you can always get gib and edit the theme yourself :) - Sep 09 2004
I'm not the creator of these icons. I just put them together.
And yes, I like d3a better. It's more slick, and more consistent.... and more complete. - Sep 09 2004
You'll find them in Metacity and GTK 2 section in this site.
Here's a link - Sep 07 2004
Perhaps the server was temporarily down. It's working now. - Sep 07 2004
Tux versus Ms butterfly

GDM Themes 14 comments

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Jan 15 2005
Very nice :) - Sep 07 2004