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Scott Ironmonger
Vista Glow

Compiz Themes 9 comments

by vicko
Score 50.0%
Oct 06 2006
This is very nice! I had to tweak the colours a little bit because it looked a little bland, but fantastic otherwise! Keep up the good work! :-) - May 02 2008
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets 70 comments

by saki
Score 58.0%
Jul 20 2007
Very nice icons! - Apr 14 2008

Groupware 93 comments

Score 75.5%
Jun 25 2011
Wow! Nice to see an OpenSuse 10.2 rpm. It's my favourite distro, but so annyoying hardly anyone does the rpms for it (always having to compile from source!!) Cheers guys! - Apr 07 2007

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
Score 83.3%
Jun 30 2010
This is amazing. Iv used the older versions and was happy with them but I think improvements have been made. Good work guys!

The only issue I have had is with video transcoding but I suspect that is due to a problem with dependencies.

Keep up the good work!

- Apr 01 2007