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tomislav markovski

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Sep 01 2004
Etiquette Icons

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Feb 13 2005
Very, very nice. - Jan 20 2005
The Dark Portal

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Jan 18 2005
Wonderful job... I love WoW, too bad there's no cedega support. - Jan 19 2005

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Dec 16 2004
smooth engine rocks :)
very good taste, elegant theme... just what i was looking for :)
thank you - Dec 17 2004

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Dec 16 2004
Nevermind that :)

I read new entries on g-look in a top-bottom order and never pay attention to what's beneath :) - Dec 17 2004
Very nice icons.
What's the GTK theme you're using?
I know it's smooth engine, but it's made very slick (unlike others), I like it. - Dec 17 2004

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Sep 07 2004
I'm very sorry you feel that way. To be honest with you, I don't take much time tracking who's the original author of the icons or who modifed them on the long run.
All I care is the license. As long as it's GPL it's ok. It wasn't my intention at all to take credit of the icons (everyone knows them long before I made the theme). From all my iconsets you can easily conclude that I actually take existing icons, run them through gib and make an iconset. Usually I do this for my own purposes, but I said to myself "why not share". So I did.
You could have sent me an e-mail to add you instead hostily replying to a public place. I don't mind adding anyone or giving credits in that matter. I just don't bother doing it much. Is it that bad? - Dec 13 2004

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Apr 23 2005
Yeah, the icons are made blury intentionally. You can find them in the themes folder.

I prefers replacing gtk-2.0/gtkrc include line with my own iconrc.
Here's how it looks:

I tried to capture as many stock icons as I can.
These icons are proprietary, so I don't plan on releasing an icon theme, although this theme covers almost everything in gnome 2.8 (full stock, menus, applets).
If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll send you the theme. - Nov 25 2004
OMG, my bestest theme ever just got updated.
Thank you!
*BOW* - Nov 25 2004

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Sep 20 2004
Can it be fixed?
I'm not into gtk theming... - Sep 18 2004
Is this a bug or just the way gnome handles multiple png's?
Take a look at the screenshot, this doesn't happen with other themes. Look at the icon, it's supposed to be transparent. - Sep 17 2004
CrystalMess SVG

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Mar 19 2005
I'm so over crystal... You guys flood us with crystal this, crystal that...
I think ppl get fed up with crystal... - Jul 21 2004