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Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

Hi guys...i'm a slackware user from italy.
I've tried systemtux for a few days and i really like it!!!
I used to have Ubermon workin' on my system but I really prefer systemtux...but i've got a BIG problem.
When I open systemtux my cpu use rise up to 15/20% when only superkaramba is running...nothin else...only superkaramba 0.35 + liquid weather + systemtux + kroller.
I controlled those values with top...also my used ram really rises up...only 200mb free on 751...
Closing systemtux everything turn back normale.
I've got a athlon xp 1800+, 750mb ddr 166.
Hope u can help me or maybe fix it on next release :) - Nov 17 2004