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GTK2 Themes

GTK2 Themes 41 comments

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Dec 17 2009
I'm sorry, but I have never seen that error.

Did you install using "Install" from the Appearances Settings dialog? - Nov 18 2010
Just drag and drop the tar.gz package onto the "Appearance" window. Don't extract anything.


In the "Appearance" dialog click "Install" and select the tar.gz package. - Dec 25 2009
why not install both and compare? also the main menu is the 'ubuntu netbook-launcher' - Dec 19 2009
Much appreciated! Don't hesitate to critique. Suggestions and comments welcome. - Nov 13 2009
Ubuntu's "netbook-launcher" - Nov 10 2009
The titlebar and scrollbars were taken from Slickness with theRob's permission. Everything else is custom made. - Dec 12 2008
Zekton something if I remember correctly - Dec 12 2008
You are welcome to use it wherever you like.
I know of only 1 real bug at the moment, the firefox 3 address bar drop down isn't correct and the "Add Bookmark" popup text is not visible. I am working on those. If you're working on a distro, then perhaps these bugs would be important. - Jul 25 2008
Thanks. And remember, if you have any suggestions (or problems with certain apps), please don't hesitate to let me know. - Jul 18 2008
Much appreciated. I personally don't mind negative comments as long as there's something constructive in them.

All opinion is valid, especially when it comes to something like art. - May 26 2008
Thanks. All constructive criticism is appreciated. - May 25 2008
Sorry. the folder is /path/to/XNTricity/gtk-2.0/Panel and not gtkrc-2.0/Panel - May 05 2008
Open the file gtkrc-2.0/Panel/gtkrc and comment the lines marked. One says bg_pixmap[NORMAL]... and the other has
widget "*Panel*" style "theme-panel-item-editor"

(Add a # at the start of the lines)

Then right-click on the panel, select properties and change the background picture. There are some transparent backgrounds in the gtkrc-2.0/Panel folder in the theme folder.
- May 05 2008
The only things slickness and this theme have in common are menubar/titlebar and the scrollbars.

It is pretty different, perhaps install the two and compare. I don't really know how to describe it.

Anyways, Slickness cooler :-) - May 04 2008
eh? - Apr 30 2008
Thanks. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. - Apr 27 2008
I'm using FF3 with the theme. It requires updating the UserChrome.css file as mentioned in the Description. - Apr 09 2008
Yes, OO has some issues with adhering to menubar/menuitem colours. The behaviour also varies between 2.3 and 2.4. There seems to be a workaround though. Try

I'll be integrating this when I get some time.

Compiz does seem to behave strangely with window decorations that don't have a side border, but there are workarounds; You can resize by dragging the window with the middle mouse button and ALT depressed (from anywhere in the window).

Also, I think there is a slickness for emerald somewhere on gnome-look. I believe emerald works fine. Try a search for "slickness".

Hope this helps!

- Apr 07 2008

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Sep 14 2008
Ah. The screens are a bit out of date. The text colours have been changed to make then more visible. I have not had time to update the screenshots. - Sep 30 2008
Which parts are you referring to? Could you post a screenshot? I have been using this theme for months, and I can read everything (except for firefox, there is a bug here which doesn't render the text in the correct colour. I use a different theme for firefox only). - Sep 15 2008
yup. that's one of the things i'm working on. - Jul 18 2008

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Sep 15 2008
Thanks for the input. I'll work on it. - Sep 18 2008
This should do it

gconftool -s /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_opacity -t float 1 - Sep 13 2008
Great tip! Thanks! - Sep 12 2008
I think it's Kamel. I don't remember. - Sep 12 2008
Fixed (hopefully) :-) Thanks for the info. - Sep 12 2008
I'm really not familiar with making emerald themes. If someones' ready to make one, I'll be happy to include it.

I use this with compiz fusion and the gtk-window-decorator. It works pretty much the same as emerald. - Sep 12 2008

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Aug 10 2008
I have noticed the panel issue as well. I am working on it.

As for the checkboxes, there is only 1 option of an image to use during hover. So I could either use a blank box, or a checked one. Either way, it looks kind of weird from a usability perspective. This is a limitation of the pixbuf theme engine. I'm not yet sure what to do about it. Any suggestions would be helpful. - Aug 10 2008
Made some changes. It that better? Otherwise it may be a specific widget that has this problem. - Aug 07 2008
You're referring to the listboxes and the like? If yes, then I was planning on doing that. Just haven't got around to it yet. :-) - Aug 04 2008
Done - Aug 04 2008
Changed the menu items... - Aug 04 2008
BTW. you can disable the background of the panel from "Panel/gtkrc" by commenting out the 2 marked lines. - Aug 03 2008
ok. got it. i will change that. - Aug 03 2008
You can also disable themeing of the panel by commenting the line "include Panel/gtkrc" at the end of the "gtk-2.0/gtkrc" file in the theme folder. - Aug 03 2008
You can switch off the panel background by commenting the marked lines in "Panel/gtkrc" in the theme's folder. - Aug 03 2008
Are you referring to the menu bar or the items on the menus? - Aug 03 2008
will do. - Aug 03 2008
Don't worry. I appreciate constructive criticism. I'm still working on it. I will be making these mods. - Aug 03 2008