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Materia Manjaro Dark

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Jan 09 2020
So, can u give to me a link for download a good KDE? - Sep 03 2019
So, i keep is better i keep lubuntu? or try something else? - Sep 02 2019
ok i have a netbook very old, so i choose a linux lite. if u know another linux better than this am using, please, tell me. I tried to use the ubuntu 18.04, but is very heavy for the netbook. I have a Netbook Asus Eeepc 1215B, C-50 processor 1Ghz, with 3gb ram. =/
Some sugestion ? - Sep 02 2019
this theme is compatible with lubuntu 18.04.03 LTS? - Sep 02 2019
im sorry about my questions, but im learning linux now and i dont know much about it - Sep 02 2019
So i have to download everthing? plasma theme, color scheme, GTK, icons?? because for me just appear 1 file to download "Materia-Manjaro-Dark.tar.gz" so i thought just downloaded this was necessary to use ur theme. - Sep 02 2019
i dont know how to install. is just unpack the file and install with tools-theme? what is necessary to install? - Sep 02 2019
I love ur theme, but im new to linux and i dont know how to install. Is necessary more files to install? please, can u help me? - Sep 02 2019