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sanjay bhatnagar Bangalore, India

GTK3/4 Themes by emilywind 138 comments

Thanks for such a nice theme. Impressed with the color combination. Request to send the link of the wallpaper. - Aug 28 2010
GES (Grainsboro Equinox Silver)

GTK2 Themes by Polesz 13 comments

I am using it in Linux Mint 9. - Aug 20 2010
LaGaDesk-102 & 101-Suite

GTK2 Themes by LaGaDesk 21 comments

Thank you. After a long time, a pleasant viewing experience on our notebook.
Special thanks for Goodies like Awn theme, icons, emerald. It makes a complete theme look. - Jun 07 2010
Darkness gtk2 (rgba true)

GTK2 Themes by adamantis 57 comments

Such an amazing theme. With the combination of emerald , dockbarx, it looks out of the world. But as usual, Openoffice applications suffers from dark themes.
Above all, the transparency in all gtk application creates a wow factor.
I wish a non dark theme would have the same effects as yours.
Thanks for making our desktop smiles. - May 18 2010
Vibration PREVIEW

GTK2 Themes by metak 31 comments

Its one of the best in all the dark themes.eagerly awaits for the finish - Mar 30 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by tiheum 257 comments

One of the best theme ever installed. Wish it could be the default theme of Ubuntu Lucid 10.4.
Waiting for the release of Icon theme. - Mar 25 2010

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88 49 comments

Wow, it would be my theme from now onwards. Eagerly awaiting for the icon set - Oct 03 2009
FBSlack-moodin mod

KDE 3.x Splash Screens
by ih8windoze

Mar 30 2010
Kde linux

Wallpapers KDE Plasma
by uggi

Mar 30 2010

GTK3/4 Themes
by emilywind

9   Nov 27 2010

GTK2 Themes
by thejambi

9   Oct 16 2010